Thierry BENDA - Developer

I develop your IT projects!

I develop your customized softwares and web applications.
I am referenced at platform
I am an « Activateur » at the service of companies.

My Services

I take care of your showcase site

Whether it's creating it keys-in-hand
I propose you different formulas of & laquo; Site showcase & raquo; for your business to be present on the web and that it is associated with a careful professional image to highlight your name, your business, your brand, your products and services.

Whether it's technical maintenance
Looking for a professional to entrust him with the maintenance of your showcase site or any existing computer application?

You are also in the right place. We can discuss your IT project at first, then I would make a quote with a maintenance offer adapted to your reality.

I can also integrate your content regularly
Leave a professional doing the integration of your contents, it is the assurance of obtaining a powerful website and delegating serenely the whole technical part to devote your expertise to the exercise of your business, to answer your Different interlocutors prospects, customers, partners, sponsors, etc. as well as the development of your business.

I work, you are serene
Free for you to think about it the necessary time, and come back to me when you will be ready, if you wish.

Sign one or other of these 3 types of services as soon as possible, allows you to start the realization of your IT project.

In addition, my quotes have a validity date: do not wait too long, because other customers can solicit me after, so I may be less available.

How does it work ?
I offer lump sum offers that allow you to get what you want for a total price already fixed, with a list of clear and accurate features.

You give me the list of features you want on your site showcase, I look at the most advantageous offer for you and I integrate it with the quote.

If there are other features to develop, and I add the time needed to finalize your IT project. In general, for conventional features, it only rarely exceeds a few complementary hours.

If I do not use these hours invoiced, then they are automatically credited to your client counter, and I can use it for future technical maintenance tasks.

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Succeed in your digital transition

I develop your business software

Custom software to change your life
I can develop your future work tool and connect it to other software and business data sources that you need or want to exploit every day.

What benefits for you, contractor?
There are only 24 hours in a day: your time is precious, like mine from elsewhere. I develop powerful computer tools for you to be released from chronophagous tasks, or that they simplify the procedures related to your business, or that they implement decision-making algorithms.

Thus, you can devote your time to goals that bring you more value added in the exercise of your job and your well-being at work, either devote this time released to be more available for other business projects or for your loved ones.

Some good reasons to come see me
Your current software is too complex for your employees and for yourself. You want to simplify the accessible interfaces to focus on what allows you to make the majority of your yield.

You want to integrate different services from your suppliers, partners, customers on a clear, fluid page and thus centralize all the information useful for your business in a few clicks.

I can develop them from A to Z, solo, in pairs or team
Alone By chatting with yourself or with one of your employees or business consultant who will be able and available to answer my questions about your IT project. This is often the case with EPCs / SMEs working for large corporate accounts.

In technical / functional binomial
I have already worked so, this organization suits me perfectly.

In development team with +5 developers on the same IT project. I have already worked as an employee for digital service companies (ESN).

I like. I am sociable and effective. Methodologies: My favorite is Scrum, or Kanban if it's your preference.

I put a single imperative and it is important: to be free to work remotely at 100 % because doing more than 150 km a day is not a good idea to preserve our planet as much as possible.

You have to stop using our vehicles as well, and today, with our videoconferencing means, it is possible to enormously limit our physical movements. Especially in our trades « IT »

Tell me about your IT project, I would do it a reality faster than you will expect!

My computer solutions


Are you a real estate agent or a real estate agency ?
Earn valuable time thanks to my computer solutions.

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Protection de Photographies - Tous métiers

Do you want to protect your photographs in a few clicks?
Earn valuable time to protect your photographs before broadcasting them on the web with my software.

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My Complementary Services

Let's be clear, the heart of my expertise is web and software development, with more than 20 long and beautiful years of experience in this field.
Since I have also been managing my business since August 2009, I also have essential skills allowing me to support you effectively on other topics, all of which relate to digital communication.

Identity and communication

Branding et Personae

I define with you the identity of your business, I offer colors and features that will become an asset for your business.

The more neat your communication, the more you will make you want to work with you. Work with a professional worth it, really.

Content creation

Super Web : Création de Contenus

I write your texts, I create your visuals, I integrate your videos and audios on your website.

I can integrate videos from your YouTube or Vimeo channel, I can share items from your social networks, I can integrate audios from your podcasts, and full of other very interesting things.



I discuss with you your marketing strategy, and we define a digital strategy that allows you to put all the chances on your side to reach them.

I can give you advice, but also take care of the realization of advertising campaigns on search engines and your social networks & professionals.

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