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My job is to create future IT tools for companies of all sizes so that they are even more efficient in their core business.

Your goals become my priority.
My experiences allow me to achieve your goals quickly for classic requests, reasonable for more specific requests.

Doing spaghetti code is not my philosophy.
My skills allow me to maintain your IT applications over the medium/long term. Ecology also involves avoiding producing disposable code, developed in a hurry to respond poorly to a clear and precise request from a client.

Some examples of customer projects carried out for customers in different sectors of activity: real estate, banking, construction, etc.

  • A website with a single web page or several hundred pages.
  • A web application with a multi-step process.
  • A manageable web application with an integrated blog.
  • A manageable web application with an administration interface and a Customer Area
  • A web application that uses several databases, webservices and microservices
  • Business software that wants to connect to different web services

I can also create web applications and custom software based on the following components, according to your requests:

  • Advanced Web Application
  • Secured API that use either JSON or XML with Spring Security, OAuth2, JWT, etc.
  • MicroServices & Web Services
    with Apache CXF, Spring Web Services, etc.

Web Applications Softwares OnePage website Showcase website E-Commerce website Custom CMS Custom CRM Custom ERP
Spring Spring MVC Spring Webflow Spring Boot Spring Security Spring Web Services Apache Struts
OAuth2 JWT MicroServices WebServices

I am fluent trilingual, to develop your IT project, whatever it is, in Java, PHP or JavaScript. I use Bash to create scripts for deploying and managing applications on my dedicated servers or on my clients' VPSs.

I also use Python and Perl, to a lesser extent.

Java PHP Javascript Bash Python Perl

I can use (or not) frameworks & stacks:

  • Spring | Spring Boot | Apache Struts
  • Zend Framework | CodeIgniter | Laravel | Symfony
  • Javascript Stacks :
    • MEAN : (Base de données: MongoDB|MySQL|MariaDB, Serveur: Express, JS Backend & Frontend with Angular using Node.js)
    • MERN : (Base de données: MongoDB|MySQL|MariaDB, Serveur: Express, JS Backend & Frontend with React using Node.js)
    • MEVN : (Base de données: MongoDB|MySQL|MariaDB, Serveur: Express, JS Backend & Frontend with Vue using Node.js)
    • JS Vanilla ES6+|Typescript

Java Spring Spring Boot Apache Struts
LAMP Zend Framework CodeIgniter Laravel Symfony
JS Vanilla JS ES6+ TypeScript Stack MEAN Stack MERN Stack MEVN

I master the design and daily use of relational databases such as MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

I have been using NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Apache Cassandra for several years.

I can use working tools such as Rational Rose, DB Designer, SQL Developer, DataGrip, Skipper to define the data model of my applications, but also to create the entities in the programming languages to be used by my clients.

I can use specialized data management software, such as Talend Open Studio.

Databases :
MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL Oracle MongoDB Apache Cassandra
Specific softwares :
Rational Rose DB Designer SQL Developer DataGrip Skipper Talend Open Studio

I master the administration of many application servers such as Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Jetty, Wildfly, and many more.

Apache Web Server Apache Tomcat Jetty Wildfly Nginx

I adapt to your methods and tools, already used within your company.

Full Remote Videoconference meetings Dashboards / KanBan / Trello Source code management tools Concurrent Versions System (cvs) Subversion (svn) Git (git) CI/CD DevOps / DevSecOps Bash scripting (Unix/Linux)

I adapt to your work processes.

Working on detailed functional specifications is my preference, and in no way prevents agility in producing qualitative work.

V cycle ITIL SCRUM KanBan

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