Thierry BENDA - IT Consultant


3 Questions - Answers to discover the man I am, what I know and what I can do to help you.

Who am I ?

I am a 40 year old man passionate about art in all its forms, supernaturally calm. I like to laugh and make people laugh. Rational, I assess opportunities to make jokes at the first opportunity. Wit and humor are complementary notions that I like to cultivate as often as possible, because life taught me very early on to laugh at everything and to bounce back as often as necessary.

Communication enthusiast, I love to create quality links between people who cultivate human values.

For me, we are Bridges to human beings: our existence only has meaning if we improve our lives as well as those of our fellow human beings, wherever they come from and wherever they go.

I like to walk, I find that this simple and natural activity is extraordinary for clearing your mind, having excellent physical health and good mental strength.

I am a fisherman, I like to practice in rivers, streams and lakes in different ways : to toc, fly and artificial lures mainly. I have spent my whole life fishing in the south of France. I really like to fish in the ocean too: bass, seabream and sea bream are delicious.

I am a generous man, I'll spare you my 500-line story-telling here, for the moment, because I have to make it a digestible synopsis for you, before I dare to publish it. Get ready, that day will come soon.

What do I know ?

« All I know
is that I know nothing. »

- Platon, « Apology of Socrates »

This quote has always made me think a lot, throughout my life.

I like to learn
The opportunities to learn and really grow in my life came at the most difficult times, for reasons that were entirely foreign to me, when I was a very young child.

However, I learned. And I will learn again, always with as much fervor, until the end of my life. Naturally curious, I did a lot of different things throughout my life before deciding to specialize in web communication 20 years ago, and more specifically in the development of computer applications.

I like to play chess
I even manage to create laughter and smiles with this activity presented in a fun way to all audiences from 6 to 106 years old.

I like to transmit
My former associative activities explain my talent for transmitting a passion, motivating a community, creating young and adult teams and achieving sporting results.
These are skills developed through work as well as an effective teaching approach.
And this just as well with young people from elementary schools during the French School Championships, as with motivated adults during departmental, regional and national competitions.

To be confronted with the art of acting, to do one's best not to have any regrets.
Were the results of the many sports competitions important? No.
Their happiness to be part of it and the smiles on their faces. Yes.

The most important thing is to participate, to live beautiful human and sporting adventures on the chessboards of the region. Mission accomplished.

What can I do ?

I always do what I have to do, for myself and for my clients. And that is precisely what is most important. I keep my commitments. A single word, authentic firm and true. If that's your way, then we can work together whenever you want. That said, the words fly away and the writings remain: this is why I carry out all the administrative side with rigor too, to put my skills at your service in complete safety, with documents that confirm my commitments.

I can create websites and softwares to improve the daily life of your company by responding to your ideas for optimization and your concrete needs.

I work with rigor and precision concerning the management of information, throughout its life cycle in your company : collection, processing with simple or complex algorithms, and even management of data between different applications and/or software via various streams (raw text, TSV, CSV, JSON, XML, etc.), or via specialized remote services (RPC, RMI, SOAP +/- WSDL, Axis, REST API), and all of course via secure protocols (HTTPS, SSH, SFTP, and many others).

Many other things also interest me and are part of my skills: e-commerce, branding, creation of visuals with web design software such as Adobe Photoshop or web applications such as Canva, the management of social networks also to make your prospects want to become your future customers.

I invite you to discover some of my achievements

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