Some professional experiences

Since September 2000

I am at your disposal, to advance your IT projects.

Image: KMP project in Sophia Antipolis for @CTIS Ingénierie

Java/JEE Development Engineer

April 2008
March 2009


Computer project on CD-ROM, computer project in Java with the Spring Web MVC framework, Hibernate for the DAO part, JSP views with use of JSTL.

Semantic engine developed by INRIA Sophia Antipolis, and already integrated into the application.

Engagement letter

  • Rebuild the work environment from A to Z
  • Resume the development of the KMP platform
  • Put the KMP platform into production, as soon as the main bugs will be fixed
  • Perform corrective and evolutionary maintenance of KMP


  • Web application hosted on a dedicated server in a clean room at our location in Sophia Antipolis.
  • Corrective and Evolutionary Maintenance: OK.
  • Improved search via KMP.
    Before : found painfully 50 skills.
    After : quickly find and list at least 1000 skills.
  • Members Spaces with the management of new user roles
  • View usage statistics
  • Edit reports in Word, Excel and PDF formats from specific web pages
  • Improved many forms.
Image: Alten Mission at Monext for Carrefour Italy

Java Developer
Web Application

April 2011
August 2011


Monext wins a strategic project for Carrefour Italie.

They then set up a software development team with many experienced profiles, to carry out the winning project.

Customer need

  • Finding an Experienced Java Web Developer
  • Join a technical team of 8 people
  • Recruited because of my web development skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Java Frameworks and Web Services Axis, XML, JSON
  • Extra project, extra team :


  • Agile SCRUM methodology
  • Teamwork with a Project Manager associated with a Product Owner
  • Regular check-ups and solutions found daily
  • Work done mainly on the frontend of the application and on some chained forms for the whole consumer credit application process
  • Good company, great experience
Image: Java ETL Talend engineer for Data Migration project for Eurocopter Marignane

Java Consultant
Talend ETL

October 2011
October 2012


Eurocopter Marignane wanted to upgrade its production software industrial (Windchill).

In this context, a team from AIRBUS CIMPA was set up to recover the data from the old information system, process it and import it into their new software.

Customer need

  • AIRBUS CIMPA needed a good Java developer
  • Work on dataloaders
  • Perform analysis of data stored in different relational databases
  • Migrate repositories with very large volumes of data
  • Ensure the integrity of this data


  • I worked for more than 6 months on this project.
  • I discovered Talend Open Studio and data analysis with this processing tool.
  • I found out what a PIM was back then, even though I was doing the equivalent on many projects before this experience professional.
  • Talend Open Studio is a good tool, sometimes offering joys real thanks to the possible treatments, sometimes very heavy for what was to make.
  • Talend Open Studio, the advantages? He does the « job » and gives you concrete visibility on the flows processed, the conditions implemented, the processing to be done can be personalized. Even then, in 2012, it was a top tool.

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